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Welcome to the Absolute Hunting Blog. Here we will post hunting stories of our clients, new hunting areas or adventures we offer, articles about all aspects of hunting and the latest news from the worldwide hunting community.

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Ein wunderschönes Video über die Vogeljagd auf Chateau La Villette im Burgund. Für das Video bitte hier klicken!!

Die diesjährige Jagdsaison auf Rehbock war für unsere Partner in Europa vor allem während der Blattzeit sehr unterschiedlich. Ich habe hier einmal einen kurzen Überblick und ein paar Trophäen eingestellt. Viel Spaß damit!


Die Jagdsaison auf Rehbock in Schweden beginnt mit der Blattzeit am 16. August und war dieses Jahr in Schonen sehr schwierig, da vielerorts die Gelder noch nicht abgeerntet waren. Von daher war es sehr schwer, die starken Böcke überhaupt in Anblick zu bekommen. Read More

Flying with Grouse

One of the best Videos about Grouse shooting – To see the Video please click HERE


We are proud to announce a new partner for Red Stag stalking in Scotland. With 4 different areas in the highlands we can now offer stalking on strong Stags up to 24 points – the typical highland stag up to 12 points and some very nice walked up grouse shooting.

For more information and some nice videos please click HERE


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I want to introduce a new Absolute Wingshooting partner – The Los Ombues Lodge in Entre Rios – Argentina. This luxury Lodge offers on more than 38.000 acres a fantastic high volume Dove shooting, great Duck hunting and Partridge hunting over pointing dogs. Please have a deeper look at our page.

We have some really nice special offers for this Lodge available.

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As the holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us all! It is in this spirit that we say thank you and best wishes for the holidays and New Year.

“Red Stag Heaven”

This autumn I visited one of the biggest hunting Estates in Andalucía – Spain. The area covers app. 10.000 ha, with 4000 ha dedicated only for Red Stag hunting. For more than 60 years this area was only used for private hunting and the quality of the Stags is fantastic. During my 3 hour stalk in the area, I saw 18 really strong Stags. Here are some pictures from this really interesting day.


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Red Legged Partridge shooting at the Pereiro Estate

Find here some photos of a very nice day of wild partridge shooting in an amazing huge estate in the south of Portugal. This was a really tough experience because the partridge are so fast and high flying that you need to be a good and quick in shooting. After each drive you often need a big portion of climbing the valleys to help to collect the birds you shot. The walked up days here are also amazing – the stunning landscape and the endless valleys offer many possibilities of great shooting. So this is the perfect place for the individual bird shooter who wants to improve his shooting skills and likes to walk. For more information about this shoot, send me a mail or have a look here.


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Hunting in Andalucia

While visiting one of my partners Estates –  I just walked into a very interesting way of hunting rabbits. They have some really huge rabbit nests and they hunt them regularly. They catch the rabbits alive because they give them to a wildlife foundation which is reintroducing the lynx in south Spain. I especially liked the hunting bike with the cages, ferrets and guns.

Welcome to the “Bird Experience”

This September, I was in South Sweden for a really nice weekend of Rough Shooting on Partridge and Duck. We spend two great days with a lot of walking and shooting. We used very good trained dogs, spaniels and setters to flush the birds out of the hedges, woods and ponds and some really good retrievers. We had fantastic weather and saw some great shots and dog work. Accommodation was in an old castle directly on a lake and we spend 2 really great evenings with superb food and wines.

Later in the year you can add Pheasant on the list as well. They also offer fantastic geese shooting with huge bags, so that´s really a perfect place for bird hunters. For more information about this place, just send me a mail.


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