North of Khaudum

North of Khaudum – one of the best Elephant hunting Areas in Namibia

Welcome to the best Elephant, Leopard and Plainsgame hunt in north Namibia

Welcome to the famous hunting area North of Khaudum, the best areas for Elephant hunting in North Namibia.

The Hunting Area North of Khaudum

On the northern border of Khaudum National Park lies the hunting area known as ‘North of Khaudum’, a communal conservancy where the local Villages benefit greatly from revenue and protein generated by trophy hunting. With the park to the south and Botswana to the east this 250 sq. mile (400 sq. km) hunting area is by no means huge. It is however in one of the prime transient areas for thick-tusked Elephant left in Africa. Leopard and Roan Antelope abound as well as Kudu, Oryx, Giraffe, Duiker, Warthog and Spotted Hyena.

The classic form of hunting is used. Land Cruiser vehicles are used to transport you around the hunting area. All of the hunting is done by tracking on foot. This area is not easy to hunt, but the high quality of the game as well as the possibility to take very big Elephant is the reason for this difficult hunting area. Ivory average 2014 season: 63.5 pounds // Ivory average 2013 season: 55 pounds

The Luxury Tented Camp

In the shade of an island of Acacia trees awaits a traditional tented camp built on wooden platforms. Your spacious tent has fine linens, sliding doors, en-suite bathrooms with every amenity you could wish for in one of the most remote areas left in Africa. The camp is environmentally friendly and solar-powered, built with clean lines and a blend of traditional and a splash of modern design.

An open sided dining room overlooks a pan frequented by Roan Antelope and the occasional Elephant bull. Lounging on leather while sipping a cocktail of your choice and reveling under the billion star nights while enjoying the flames of the fire circle will bring you that much closer to bliss.

Your own personal professional chef prepares meals. Fresh produce and meat from the hunt are served three times daily as per your requested dietary requirements. Dinners are a decadent affair with unrivaled three course meals in this remote wilderness. A wide variety of fine South African wines are available as well as any other drinks that you have requested.

For more inforamtion about this area – click here!

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