Mid Asian Ibex Hunt in Kyrgyzstan


The Pamir – The best Mid Asian Ibex and Marco Polo Argali hunting in Kygyzstan

Hunt the biggest Marco Polo Argali and Mid Asian Ibex in the World!

Kyrgyzstan is a famous destination for big game hunters seeking for the fabulous Marco Polo Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex. The typical Marco Polo Argali trophy runs between 49-50 inches with occasional 60 inches trophy taken. Also Mid-Asian Ibex is a great trophy; it is the largest Ibex in the world with horn length up to 60 inches. It is an unforgettable adventure to hunt at 3800 – 4000 m on horseback, surrounded by a beautiful alpine panorama. Altitudes in Kyrgyzstan are the lowest where Marco Polo Argali is available. It is unforgettable adventure to hunt at 12000 feet on a horseback, being surrounded by a beautiful alpine panorama. We make your hunt safe and successful.

For most of Kyrgyzstan hunting trips horses are used for transportation in the area to increase the success chances. Expect extensive horseback riding 8–10 hours a day and considerable walking.  Some riding experience is a must. During the day you will explore the upper edges of the mountains and examine the hillsides and feeding areas through the field glasses. A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Rams are generally located in remote country at 9,000 feet.  Once the trophy is spotted you complete your stalk on foot.  Physical condition is an important factor in the stalking part of the hunt. Long range shooting, up to 500 yards is usual.


Camps in Kyrgyzstan are traditional Asian yurts and wooden cabins. They are located at 8,500 feet, warm, clean and comfortable with separate areas for dining, bathing and sleeping and have electrical generation. You will find good food and quality service. Every camp is equipped with a satellite phone or radio station.

More information about this hunt you can find here!

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