Wild Boar Turkey


Wild Boar 190 pounds

Our hunting friend from London – UK has taken this really nice wild boar in Turkey last weekend! Congratulations Dan!!!



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Trophy hunting is conversation

This 63″ Mid Asian Ibex shot recently in Kyrgyzstan is possibly a new world record trophy for the species. The existence of a magnificent animal like this in our day and age is a solid indication of decades of cautious management of the population. So why is Kirghistan taking care of their game? Because it is worth a lot more to the country and local communities as a source of income from international hunters than as a simple source of poached meat….. and they still get the meat!

For more information about our hunting possibilities in Kyrgyzstan please click HERE!

Cecil the Elephant



New controversy about an Elephant hunt in Zimbabwe!

The press and the anti hunting comunity has found a new “Cecil” in a hunted Elephant in Zimbawe. Find here the answer of one of my partners who booked this hunt.

Some of you may know by now about this elephant bull that hit the world press and even made it onto CNN, some say that this bull is the biggest bull shot in Africa in the last 50 years, I can’t say for sure but I don’t remember any bigger bull being hunted in my life time. The international media has followed this story and attempted to turn this story into Cecil the elephant.  Read More

Pronghorn New Mexico

Our hunting friend from Tasmania – Australia has taken this really beautiful Pronghorn Antelope in New Mexico! Congratulations Matt!!!

For more information about Pronhorn hunting please click HERE!


My most loved hunting gear

When it comes to really tough hunting – this is the best gear you can get for your adventure!

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The Pamir – The best Mid Asian Ibex and Marco Polo Argali hunting in Kygyzstan

Hunt the biggest Marco Polo Argali and Mid Asian Ibex in the World!

Kyrgyzstan is a famous destination for big game hunters seeking for the fabulous Marco Polo Argali and Mid-Asian Ibex. The typical Marco Polo Argali trophy runs between 49-50 inches with occasional 60 inches trophy taken. Also Mid-Asian Ibex is a great trophy; it is the largest Ibex in the world with horn length up to 60 inches.  Read More


Valle D´Aosta & Piedmont – The best Chamois and Red Stag hunting in Italy

Luxury Big Game hunting in North Italy

Chamois are the most craved animals in Italy, not only for the size of the trophy but also for the kind of hunting it requires. We are proud to offer one of the most exclusive Chamois hunts in the Alps in the Valle d’Aosta near Monte Bianco, the highest European mountain. The Chamois hunting takes place in a private estate of 4000 hectares, bordering on Gran Paradiso National Park. The estate is one of the best areas in Italy for Chamois hunting. Read More


The famous Selous Game Reserve

Welcome to some of the best big five hunting in Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve is situated in the southern part of Tanzania and named after Frederick Courtney Selous, a famous hunter and naturalist who was killed and buried there in the First World War. It is uninhabited and divided into some 46 hunting blocks, varying in size from 300 to 500 square miles. The size of each block has been determined from its topographical situation and game concentration. Read More

Cecil the Lion

Cecil the lion at a national park in Zimbabwe.

By Douglas N. Sousa   AUGUST 18, 2015

The thought that a game animal, in this case an African lion named Cecil, may have been killed unethically is an affront to all law-abiding sportspersons. As a hunter myself, I know this: Given the information we have about Walter Palmer’s activities in Zimbabwe, it seems he acted as a poacher, even if that’s not what he intended. Read More

North of Khaudum

North of Khaudum – one of the best Elephant hunting Areas in Namibia

Welcome to the best Elephant, Leopard and Plainsgame hunt in north Namibia

Welcome to the famous hunting area North of Khaudum, the best areas for Elephant hunting in North Namibia.

The Hunting Area North of Khaudum

On the northern border of Khaudum National Park lies the hunting area known as ‘North of Khaudum’, a communal conservancy where the local Villages benefit greatly from revenue and protein generated by trophy hunting. With the park to the south and Botswana to the east this 250 sq. mile (400 sq. km) hunting area is by no means huge. It is however in one of the prime transient areas for thick-tusked Elephant left in Africa. Leopard and Roan Antelope abound as well as Kudu, Oryx, Giraffe, Duiker, Warthog and Spotted Hyena. Read More


The Pereiro Hunting Estate – the best Partridge shooting in Portugal

Welcome to one of the best Hunting Destinations for Partridge in Portugal.

The Pereiro Hunting Estate, with approximately 7.500 hectares (18.500 acres) is located in the inland hills of the Algarve region, just 30 km away from the coast. This beautiful but harsh landscape has become more and more desert and wild due to the migration of its inhabitants to the city centers in search of a better life. Read More